19 key Dandaranyika Kalimba #2 – Built by Newton Gwara


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This is a very special version of the Zimbabwean Kalimba. This kalimba was made in Zimbabwe by master player, Newton Gwara. This kalimba is built in tune with regular high-tuned mbiras. A traditional instrument of the Shona people in Zimbabwe, kalimbas usually have only 15 keys, so they don’t have the full seven-note scale of a regular mbira and are missing a couple of the major chord tones you need to play a lot of the traditional repertoire of mbira music. However, this model was designed specifically to add in those extra chord tones. It is called the “Dandaranyika” kalimba, which in the Shona language translates to, “the kalimba that can be played all over the world.” With this innovative kalimba, you can play the repertoire of the regular kalimba as well as the repertoire of the bigger mbiras. Like mbiras, all kalimbas are hand built. The steel rod keys are pounded and filed by hand while the soundboard is made from beautiful Mukwa wood, the original wood used to make traditional kalimbas. These kalimbas have buzzers (the bottlecaps) on the soundboard to create that distinctive buzzing sound.

Product Features:

  • Made in Zimbabwe by master player and instructor, Newton Gwara.
  • Professional quality instrument with Mbira performance range.
  • Co-designed and played by USA master percussionist Joel Laviolette.
  • Storage: Store in dry environment and away from extended exposure to extreme temperatures

Note: If you purchase this instrument, you are getting this specific instrument. 

Watch a video of Matemai building one mbira key to see the amount of work that goes in to these beautiful instruments:


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