High tuned Nyamaropa mbira (003) – Built by Newton Gwara


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This mbira was hand crafted by expert mbira builder Matemai (Newton Gwara).  It is in a high Nyamaropa tuning.  This tuning is the same tuning that Erica Azim uses in her workshops and is sometimes called (Erica’s workshop tuning).

Made from high-quality Mukwa (mubvamaropa) wood-the preferred wood for mbiras.

Note: If you purchase this instrument, you are getting this specific instrument.  This specific instrument has a crack that spans the entire length of the instrument.  The instrument is 100% playable and the crack does not affect the playability or durability of the instrument at all.  The construction of the keys and the bridge of the instrument hold the wood of the mbira solidly together.  

Watch a video of Matemai building one mbira key to see the amount of work that goes in to these beautiful instruments:


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